20 years for killer cop

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A FORMER auxiliary policeman was yesterday jailed 20 years with hard labour by the National Court for the murder of a man in Central’s Tapini in 2019.
Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, told Noel Moimo, 30, that as a policeman, he should have known the law and not taken the law into his own hands.
Moimo, from Goilala’s Korine village in Central, had pleaded guilty to murder on May 20, for killing Amuna Kuari after he slashed him with a bush knife.
Justice Sir Gibbs said Moimo should have just restrained Kuari when he was trying to attack him but instead he killed him.
“You could have simply injured him, hurt him or disabled him but you went all the way and took his life,” Sir Gibbs said.
Justice Sir Gibbs took into account that a bush knife was used, a life was lost and that Moimo was a policeman.
He deducted two years and three months spent in custody, leaving Moimo 17 years and nine months to serve at Bomana Prison.
The court was told that on March 30, 2019, at Tapini station, Kuari got into a fight with Sgt Dedei Rara who wanted him to go to the police station to be questioned on an alleged incident the day before.
Kuari refused, went to his kitchen, grabbed a knife and attacked Sgt Rara.
Moimo intervened but was hit by Kuari who then fled.
Moimo, who managed to disarm Kuari, chased him and his brother up a hill. He caught up with Kuari and slashed him. Kuari collapsed.
Kuari’s brother shot an arrow at Moimo.

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  • I think the Policeman was penalized unfairly because the deceased and his brother deliberately attempted to take the accused and another Policeman ‘s life hence he (accused) acted in self-defense.

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