200 youths chosen for security service training


ABOUT 200 youths from four electorates of Port Moresby and Motu-Koita area have been selected by the National Capital District Commission’s social service to undergo security service training.
The two-week training with the Pacific Corporate Security Service was expected to provide them with basic defensive security skills in preparation for duty as bus stop wardens in the city.
NCDC bus top warden coordinator Benny Kaifa submitted a list of youths to his city manager last month and was expecting a response before training started later this month.
“We have some funding available but it’s not enough, we need a mobilisation funding of K20,000 to pay for uniforms and training fees for the youths,” Kaifa said.
“We have collected youths from Koki Market, 4-Mile, Gordon, 6-Mile, Koni and Geheru to undergo training and then assign them back to protect their bus stops because those are the busiest areas.
“In the long run, we want to maintain the bus stops, build proper public toilets, minimise petty crimes, littering and protect women and children from violence.”
Kaifa said countries like Malaysia and Indonesia had their city wardens who were employed by their city commission to carry out such duties.
Kaifa said at the moment city bus stops were overcrowded and disorganised like Gordon, which caused traffic jams and provided space for opportunists.
He said they would be working with the authorities like police, traffic police, NCDC and Road Transport Authority to apply the appropriate penalties to perpetrators.
Kaifa said it was a joint partnership project but the commission would provide funding.