2010 to be tough for police: Baki

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POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki believes that next year will pose an even greater challenge for policing than previous years.
The influx of foreigners coming in for the PNG LNG project would place a severe strain on the limited police resources and manpower, Mr Baki said.
“I am therefore eyeing 2010 as the year of transition,” he said.
Mr Baki said police personnel as individual members and the police force as an organisation needed to change their attitude and behaviour to improve their level of policing services.
He was speaking during the passing out parade for recruit intake 1/2009, which coincided with the commissioner’s annual Christmas parade last Friday afternoon.
Mr Baki told the parade that the police force had to find its place in the national strategic plan 2011 to 2050.
“The challenge for us is to change our ways, get back to basics and move the constabulary into a position where it can better serve the people of this nation,” Mr Baki said.
He also challenged his commanders to be innovative and visionary but also practical.
“We can have grand ideas, but it is the small steps which will help in the realisation of our hopes and dreams,” the police commissioner said.
Mr Baki acknowledged that the force had “fared better than others” in terms of budgetary allocations, but he maintained that it was not how much they were given but how they managed what was given that would determine whether they could fulfill the outcomes that the Government and the people expected of them. 
He said the pay rise for police personnel was the result of the hard work put in by the police management and the Police Association, and he thanked the Government for endorsing the pay rise.