2017 budget complete, says Abel


Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel says the 2017 supplementary budget expected to be handed down later this month has been completed.
Abel  did not given further details, saying it would have to be taken to Cabinet first.
“Supplementary budget is completed,”Abel told The National.
“It has to be taken to Cabinet next week.”
Abel said the 100-day Government plan, of which the 2017 supplementary budget was part of, was progressing well.
“We re progressing, we’ve got an implementation matrix, we’ve got a technical team working at the back, I’m communicating with all the ministers, I’m meeting with them every day.
“As we go along, we will give updates.
“As we go along, I’ll bring in media and update you on the implementation process.
“For example, we’ll have our report at the 50-day, 75-day and then 100-day.”

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