2017 election has been mismanaged


I write again on the issue of access ballot papers.
The PNEC under the leadership of Patilias Gamato printed 10 million ballot papers in Indonesia and brought it onshore to PNG.
There were few worrying situations on this plan fact.
Firstly, the 10 million ballot papers exceed the total national population of seven million plus people. This means three million access or extra ballot papers been printed.
The EC did mentioned earlier that the excess ballot papers would be kept under his strict control and distribute to areas that he consider appropriate.
In other words he has total control over the extra 6 million ballot papers.
The nation ought to know and have a right to know from EC Gamato on what is happening with the excess ballot papers.
Finally, unless Gamato can demonstrate how he has or will destroy or lock away the access ballot papers, the nation has every reason to believe the 2017 NGE has been miserably mismanaged.

Yapi Akore, Kagua-Erave, SHP

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