Article Views: 462 Overhead power lines lying on the roadside along the Kudjip-Banz section of the road near the WR Carpenters tea and coffee estate in Jiwaka. Trees growing near […]

Stop abortion

Article Views: 408 THE Health Department has to take appropriate measures or propose strategies to stop young females around the country from aborting a foetus. These are done secretly by […]

Five-eighth position

Article Views: 322 CAN Hunters’ coach Michael Marum consider making changes to the five-eighth position for the Brisbane Broncos challenge tomorrow? The most naturally-gifted player for five-eighth is William Mone. […]

Please explain

Article Views: 324 I RECENTLY read an article on an online blog that the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) and the Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA) have moved into […]

Declining standards

Article Views: 402 TERTIARY institutions say the standard of students’ performance has dropped dramatically. They will not lower the standard of their institutions to accommodate low-performing students. A few years […]