Article Views: 339 This stretch of footpath on Boroko Drive near the Tana-Tana Street junction, in Port Moresby, has a hibiscus hedge that is overgrown and pushing pedestrians dangerously close […]

Demands for money

Article Views: 325 JUST want to share this point on the importance of constitutional grants and the demand of customary obligations. Let me clarify that the District Service Improvement Programme […]

Something positive

Article Views: 346 I WRITE to congratulate the Government for the visionary course taken to positively steer the country during these harsh economic times. The Government is proving its seniority, […]

Fraud work commended

Article Views: 362 Let me commend the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate of the police department for arresting high-profile persons in the recent past. I understand there are more complaints […]

Police brutality

Article Views: 389 PROVINCIAL police commanders should enable their officers and staff members to know what to do when they get reports from the police station and the courthouse. They […]