Sunday and Sabbath

Article Views: 343 THERE exists today a great controversy between Sabbath-keepers and Sunday-keepers about the right day of worship which has been a focal point of intense disagreement between these […]

Careful trade

Article Views: 381 TO all the traditional border crossers and people from other provinces who shop at the Batas/PNG-INDO trade centre, please let us be mindful of what we trade […]

Coal mining

Article Views: 397 AN article in the business section of The National yesterday was about an Australian company given the green light to extract coal. It went on to say […]

Samson praised

Article Views: 442 FROM Dowsetts, Salamanda to provincial administrator – Western. Aquila Samson, while you are enjoying your cup of coffee and catching up with this copy of The National, […]

Growing challenge

Article Views: 366 THE demand for agricultural produce in Port Moresby has driven foreigners to venture into the small-scale agricultural sector. The recent story of a Chinese-owned farm outside Port […]

Sinking ship

Article Views: 306 I AM just an ordinary citizen of this country, not highly learned, but schooled enough to be able to read between lines, distinguish between good and evil. […]

Police image

Article Views: 298 I WOULD like to raise my concerns regarding the reinstatement of police officers. It is frustrating to see the reinstatement of former police officers who had been […]