Article Views: 930 Old or rundown vehicles sitting along the middle of the 4 -lane road from 5-Mile to Erima. Some drivers have raised concerns saying it is risky and […]

Call for reform

Article Views: 620 I HAVE been a keen an observer of the PNGDF engagements over the past few years. Apart from responding to natural disasters, boarder patrols and maritime protection, […]

Letter in brief

Article Views: 624 Schools need money: City schools need money for daily operations, some of the schools are planning to close next week. The Education Department or concerned authorities needs […]

Sugu saga

Article Views: 445 WITHOUT having to shout at the top of my voice, I am raising this concern on behalf of the innocent citizens of Sugu Valley in the Kagua […]

Five-year plan

Article Views: 602 A RECENT announcement by Acting Secretary for Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) Aihi Vaki must be adhered to and supported by respective District Authorities and […]