Article Views: 406 This is a road in Abau in Central just pass Kapari junction. Abau people pass Kupiano to travel to Port Moresy. When it rains, vehicles are unable […]

Letter in brief

Article Views: 274 Unfair act: Some companies owned by Parliamentarians are not abiding by the Government’s labour laws as they do not produce pay slips for the workers per fortnight. […]

Allowance issue

Article Views: 258 I AM seeking information and clarifications from the Department of Research Science and Technology regarding fortnightly allowance. The previous government emphasised much on education and so for […]

Rights denied

Article Views: 251 AS obviously spelt out on the Articles of Association of PNGSDP, Section 25(A): the provincial administrator of Western appointed under the Organic Law on Provincial Government and […]

Select new SRCs

Article Views: 328 CAN the Government to reinstate the suspended Student Representative Council for both the University of Papua New Guinea and the University of Technology. Allow students to vote […]