2022 polls on: PM

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THE 2022 general election will start as scheduled, using the new Limited Preferential Voting (LPV) system, says Prime Minister James Marape.
He said the new system was “fair and friendly”.
“Elections in 2022 will be conducted as scheduled.
“There will be an eight-week period for campaigning,” he said.
“There is no intention to defer the (2022 general) election.”
He said Section 50 of the Constitution explained the right of the people to elect leaders and the formation of a new government.
Public health safety measures put in place for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) would be strictly observed during the election period.
There will be debate on the LPV system and the old first-past-the-post in Parliament. “Personally, the LPV is fair and friendly for all.
“But Parliament (will) discuss this when the private members bill is presented,” he said.
He said Cabinet was waiting for a report from the Boundaries Commission on any new electorates.
“There are certain electorates like Talasea that have 200,050 people. There is a huge disparity in responsibility and burden (on the MP) than in other electorates.
“The proposal will come before cabinet (then) Parliament,” he said.
He also said a headcount on the population would be held in September and October to update the common roll.
Esa’ala MP Davis Steven had asked him about it with less than eight months to go before the national election.
Steven described the elections in 2012 and 2017 as chaotic because of the late preparation.
Marape said “we intend to ensure that citizens have a fair and equal opportunity to cast their vote”.
“I concur that time is running out (with only) seven months before the writs are issued,” Marape said.
“The Government will update the common roll which is important (for the election) and the funding which is important to have a safe election.”