21 die in flu and malaria outbreak

National, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TWENTY-one people have died so far in the recent flu and malaria outbreak in the Salt-Nomane and Karimui area in Chimbu.
It is understood that of the 20, two are children under the age of five from Karimui, 17 are from Bomai and two from the Negabo area.
Karimui-Nomane MP Posi Menai told The National yesterday that 17 health workers from other parts of the province had been deployed to Karimui last week to help contain the outbreak.
He confirmed that a funding of K110,000 had been released for medical supplies and all costs for the health workers.
Menai said Bomai had recorded more deaths because the area was geographically isolated and the health facilities there were rundown, and health workers could not make it on time to contain the outbreak.
“As the member responsible and because of the remoteness of the area I will do my best to keep health workers on the ground and use all available resources to contain the outbreak,” Menai said.
He said at the moment the health workers were doing well, adding they had been given another week to stay in the affected areas.
Menai has made a personal commitment to monitor the situation and make sure everything goes back to normal.