I refute the letter ‘Blame the teachers not the curriculum’ by JK (The National Sept 27).
JK, your point is relevant, but it is biased because you don’t know the abilities, expertise, skills and knowledge level of teachers right across the country.
You cannot assume the worst in teachers and simply conclude that many of them are redundant and that their skills and knowledge are worthless.
You made a point that the outcome-based curriculum was okay in theory, but not in practice. Look at the amount of money the PNG government has spent on the OBE to try and make it work.
The challenges are enormous, from designing the curriculum to implementation, induction and in-services as well as the logistics. You may as well add to the list all the inconveniences OBE has brought upon the education system.
Did you actually think the government has enough money to budget for all the teachers right across the country to be inducted and in-serviced with the OBE curriculum?
Teachers work day and night, silently sacrificing their lives, their families’ lives, and much more for the country, and look at what the government has done to us.
There has been recent major cuts in pays, teachers are not receiving their entitlements as well as other rightful allowances and benefits, yet the Papua New Guinea Teachers’ Association and Teaching Service Commission are silent on the teachers’ concerns, making teachers puppets.
Please, we should support the teachers in their struggle for better conditions and career paths as they continue to develop and support the education of our children.

Mr Kaia Fam
Moroma, Simbu

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