23 senior officers sign contracts

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TWENTY-three senior officers now have permanent positions under East New Britain’s new provincial administrative structure approved last year.
Last Friday, the senior officers signed their contract for three years in what was described as the way forward under devolution of powers for provincial administrations in ensuring effective service delivery.
Provincial administrator Akuila Tubal immediately called for team work as part of direction and motivation for senior officers in the administration so that goods and services were delivered right down to the people.
He said East New Britain province was among few provinces that had mastered service delivery improvement and urged contract officers to show Papua New Guineans that the mechanisms of implementation were still intact in the province.
Mr Tubal said in the past, contracts for senior officers in the province were facilitated from Port Moresby and did not tie officers much to their responsibility and under devolution responsibilities for provincial administration which he believed that officers felt the ownership of duties and urged them to improve the mode service delivery.