25 pull out to support president

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 25th, 2013


A GROUP of ward councillors from the Mumeng local level government in Bulolo, Morobe, have decided not to run against sitting president Mathias Philip.

The 25 councillors declared that they had trust and faith in Philip’s leadership and pledged their support for him.

Philip was described as a leader with wisdom who led his councillors to deliver much needed services to their communities despite limited funding during his three terms as president.

LLG manager Mesere Hita said that 26 candidates were vying for president’s seat and 133 candidates were vying for the 23 ward councillors seats, including seven females.

Philip said political differences had forced leaders to work in isolation without delivering essential services to the people.

He said he would continue to support church and youth organisations, farmers and work together with councillors and local MP Sam Basil to boost development and growth.