27 ‘angels’ back campaign

Health Watch

EARLY detection and treatment are the best way to prevent cancer that is increasingly affecting so many women and girls in Papua New Guinea, an official says.
Vanguard International executive manager operations Anzillo Miro is leading the company’s 27 “pink angels” in the Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation’s Pinktober campaign and cancer awareness.
October is breast cancer awareness month and the colour pink is associated with breast cancer awareness.
“Cancer, especially breast cancer and cervical cancer, affects so many women and girls,” Miro said.
“We encourage women and girls to have themselves checked regularly as much as possible.
“We are advocating for early detection as the best preventive measure under the theme: Check, screen, prevent.
“Our pink angels’ collective prayer is that even during the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we should continue to support cancer survivors, who stand as beacons of hope for those who are still fighting, while we remember the fallen victims of cancers.”
She said staff at Vanguard were excited to wear pink last Friday and would continue to support cancer awareness each Friday throughout this month.