2,882 to race in East Sepik

National, Normal

The National, Monday 17th June 2013


THERE are 457 candidates contesting the presidents’ seats in the 27 Local Level Governments in East Sepik.

There are also 2,425 contesting the ward council seats in 641 wards.

Election returning officer Lukas Engime said 42 candidates were contesting the presidency in the four LLGs in Ambunti-Dreikikir district while 311 were going for the council seats.

In Angoram, 73 are vying to be president in the five LLGs and 549 for the ward seats.

In Maprik, 92 candidates are contesting for president in the five LLGs with 278 running for the ward seats.

In Wewak, there 87 vying for the presidents’ seats in the five LLGs and 449 contesting the ward council seats.

In the Wosera-Gawi district, 67 are after the president’s seat and 449 running for the ward seats.

Yangoru-Saussia district has 96 running for the presidents’ seats in the four LLGs and 389 going for the councils seats.

He added that, except for the first day, there was little disruption during nomination at the Gawi LLG in the Wosera-Gawi district and Tunap Hunstein LLG within the Ambunti-Dreikikir.

He said the disruption was due to the non-payment of service providers in the 2012 national election.

The service providers claimed that the Electoral Commission had not settled outstanding payments with them.

Order of the draw was given to each candidate from the both seats since on Friday and Saturday.

Meanwhile, 19 candidates contesting the Angoram Open seat in a by-election. One of them is former East Sepik provincial administrator Samson Torovi running under the banner of the People’s National Congress Party.