30-year-old to do Grade 9

National, Normal

By PETER WARI DWU Journalism student

ONLY one obstacle stands in the way of a 30-year-old father of three continuing his high school studies.
“I have come to The National for help to tell my tribesmen that I have been selected for Paglum High School and I need their help with school fees,” Simon Peter from Kiobuga Village in the Mul-Baiyer district, Western Highlands province said.
Mr Peter was selected to continue Grade 9 in Paglum High School this year.
“I am so happy to qualify for Grade 9 after completing Grade 8 at Koibug Primary School last year. “I will be going to school with my eldest son who will be doing elementary prep  in Koibug elementary school,” Mr Peter said.
He said he regretted dropping out of Grade 6 in 1997.
Mr Peter said he has seen former classmates securing big positions in the government and
private sector and wanted to try.
“After 10 years staying in the village, I enrolled to pursue my education in 2007, going through Grade 6 again.
“I have realised that education is the key to a better life and future,” he said.
Mr Peter said a string of hard labour jobs including planting coffee, kaukau, peanut, cabbage, and banana inspired him to return to school.
 “I also want to enjoy the same benefits and privileges as my former schoolmates.
“Education is open to anyone regardless of age and size.
“I urge other parents who had dropped out of school to pursue their education again,’’ he added.