300 complete training to work on overseas farms

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A TOTAL of 300 men and women from the Global Work Force Seekers Group (GWFSG) graduated with certificates on seasonal workers and workplace communication last Friday at Sports Inn, Port Moresby.
The programme was aimed at equipping the participants on how to relate to different lifestyles and culture and, most importantly, for them to have a different approach to their normal attitude and way of thinking.
The participants will travel with other Papua New Guineans for the seasonal workers employment in Australia and New Zealand on fruit picking.
The theme of the training was, “How can you find a fortune when you can not understand yourself?”
During the graduation, the participants demonstrated what they learnt through various plays.
From all the plays that were put up, they all carried one message and that was to reason out  the cause of  any situation or problem first before acting on it.
GWFSG was founded by Uria Yabera in 2002 and had more than 2,000 registered members.