31 officers facing various charges


By Rebecca Kuku
MORE than 30 police officers in the National Capital District have been arrested and charged under the “police policing police” task force for various offences.
Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’dranou said the task force, which was introduced in September by Police Commissioner Gari Baki, had seen more than 100 cases reported.
The team, under the supervision of Sergeant Apollos Terry, had so far charged 31 officers.
“The majority of the cases were about police brutality, followed by police aiding prisoners or detainees to escape. The third highest is police officers involved in domestic violence,” N’dranou said.
“However, this is a success story as since the introduction of the task force, we have seen a lot of improvements in the behaviour of police, men and women.
“The number of police brutality cases has dropped significantly.”
Terry said they arrested a police officer for allegedly assaulting his wife this week.
“The officer was arrested this morning (yesterday), charged and terminated,” he said.
“So far since the introduction of task force, we have received more than 100 reports or cases of police officers breaking the law and most times it’s the new recruits who have been breaking the law.”
Terry said he hoped they would remove all the bad weeds through this operation and restore people’s faith back in the police force.

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