4 caught with 10kg of marijuana

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FOUR men were caught  with 10kg of marijuana, dashing their hopes of making fast money in Port Moresby over the weekend.
The four had carried their illegal cargo over two weeks walking through deep forests, crossing crocodile-infested rivers from Eastern Highlands, Morobe, Gulf and Central provinces into the waiting arms of the law at their final destination.
Port Moresby police said yesterday the four, from Eastern Highlands province, were caught on the Poreporena Freeway at about 10am on Saturday.
Police said they had arrived in the city that day and had been travelling along the Poreporena Freeway to meet a potential client when they were flagged down by traffic officers for travelling in and driving an unregistered motor vehicle.
The men ran out of luck the second time that day when they were escorted to the police station where their vehicle was given a thorough search during which police discovered the hidden bags of marijuana.
The four were arrested and are now in police custody.
Their ring leader was alleged to have been the only employed man while the others were unemployed and married to two to three different women.
According to police, the confiscated package was believed to be part of a load of about 40kg that was stored elsewhere in the city.
When police were asked about the estimated value of the contents, they declined to release the information, saying it could promote others to engage in the activity.
They, however, are warning everybody, especially parents, to monitor and restrict their children’s movements with the imminent festive periods.
A police officer, who declined to be named for safety reasons, said it was during such occasions that large amounts of drugs and alcohol were consumed.
He said it was a common trend that had many people, including a growing number of children engaged in and getting involved in a lot of anti-social behaviours during the school holidays and festive seasons.  
Parents are urged to lookout for their kids as they are venerable and are easily  lured into such illegal activities.