4 dead after tribal fight

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FOUR people were killed and two severely wounded in tribal fighting between the Herebe and Toria tribes of Tebi local level government in Tari-Pori, Hela, last week, police say.
Snr Sgt Mack Katawala, from the Tari police station, said the youngest of the four killed was a grade 7 student from the Toria tribe.
Snr Sgt Katawala said the two tribes were related to each other but had been at each other’s throats since 2018 and the recent fight broke out after some Herebe tribesmen crossed a boundary which both tribes agreed not to in a recent mediation.
“In a mediation in 2018, the both tribes agreed not to cross each other’s territory,” Snr Sgt Katawala said.
“The Toria shot down a Herebe tribesman as a result.”
He said the Herebe retaliated three days after and killed a Toria man.
“The body was taken to Tari morgue,” Sgt Katawala said
“The next day, the Toria killed a Herebe man in retaliation.
“Shortly after that, the Herebe advanced into Toria territory and shot three of them, including the grade 7 student.”
“The student died instantly while two were wounded. One is in a critical condition in the hospital while the other sustained a bullet to his buttock and has received treatment.”
Sgt Katawala said the fight stopped on Thursday.
Meanwhile, two police-issued firearms were stolen and a policeman was wounded in an electricity stockpile camp at Ambu in the early hours of Sunday morning when a group of armed locals allegedly attacked them,” Sgt Katawala said.
“They stole an M15 and a pump action shotgun.”
He said the police officer’s arm was slashed and he was receiving treatment.
“We received initial reports that the locals allegedly conspired with the security guards there and attacked the camp.”


  • What is good that you want to published such news. Zone of primitive people and war zone of uncivilized beings in PNG. Sick and tired of useless human being in this Nation. Making enough statistic of violence history for this country and making this nation into ditch.

  • I agree with you D.songo,totally rubbish….this news sickened my ears!please stop reporting such news from that part of our nation’s again…

    • Maybe you are jealous of them because you are no better than them. Every other part of the country country is no different to what goes on at PMJM’s backyard.

  • OK Marape,there you go.Killings taking place right in your area while you visited EHP twice and Morons twice.
    Never heard of you visiting Hela..

  • This is a sign of politically motivated tribal fight which has been happening in Tari/Pori District for some donkey years. Tribal war lords are supported even by Politicians with smuggling of guns into the district with the influence of Political Power over Moral and Legal Law. All 5 LLGs in Tari/Pori District is interconnected when you talk about tribal fights in the District. Every war lords from all LLGs in the District team up to form two different factions to attack each other when a tribal dispute happens. They team up and walk the fringes of Tari Pori District where the PNGDF or Police can not easily reach them due to poor road network in the district. They walk distance even making full or half revolution of the district making easy access by even mobile phone networks. Ambua is where they go for robbery for money to buy guns and bullets. In a day they can walk from Ambu and end up at Pori, walking the bush tracks during tribal war lord interconnection.

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