4 suspected measles cases

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FOUR emergency response teams will be sent to the Turama area in Kikori, Gulf in response to four suspected measles cases in the area, says Governor Chris Haiveta.
Haiveta called on the people not to panic and said the provincial health authority was working with the provincial government to address the issue.
“The provincial health authority will send four emergency response teams to the Turama area to attend to the cases on Thursday,” he said.
“All four teams will be led by doctors and they will be deployed to the upper Turama, middle Turama and lower Turama areas.”
“And the other team will be sent to the Kuri Logging Camp where the first suspected measles case was reported.”
Haiveta also called on the people of Turama to bring children from six months old to 15 years to be vaccinated by the teams.
“The teams will vaccinate all children and carry out surveillance to check if there are any more cases of measles in the area.”
“The team will also be travelling with full medical kits.
“They will also be treating medical cases in the area during this time.”
Haiveta also said that the four reported cases remained localised and urged people in Kikori district and Gulf not to panic and remain calm.