42 cops sacked for indiscipline

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THE constabulary sacked 42 police officers around the country in the past 12 months as it continues its zero-tolerance policy for those guilty of indiscipline.
Police Minister William Onglo and Police Commissioner David Manning are closely following the one-strike-you-are-out policy for police officers.
“For far too long, criminals have been hiding in the force in police uniform,” Comm Manning said.
Eleven were convicted by the court and dismissed for various crimes, including murder, theft and assault causing grievous bodily harm.
The other 31 were dismissed on disciplinary charges and dealt with administratively.
“For and in the interest of national security, policemen who are ill-disciplined or have committed criminal offences will be immediately removed from the constabulary and sent to jail,” Comm Manning said.
“Due to the increasing instances of police assaults, brutality and illegal conduct especially in the National Capital District, I have decided to re-establish the policing the police taskforce team to investigate and take disciplinary and criminal action against members of the police force.”
Onglo said there were “some bad apples and we are removing them”.
The policing the police taskforce team and the police internal affairs department are dealing with officers “who bring the constabulary down”.
Comm Manning said more changes were being proposed to ensure zero tolerance on indiscipline in the force, and to also protect the public and police officers.
“The changes will entail a new policy for harsher penalties for offences not enforced in the past and proposed amendments to the Police Force Act,” he said.
He said proposals to amend the Police Force Act would protect the public from malicious prosecution and acts of violence perpetrated against members of the police force in the course of their duties or as a result of carrying out their lawful duties.

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  • It’s about time something transparent like this need to be done including the politicians who are misusing public monies.

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