424 jobs for locals

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The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


THE Australia High Commission says 424 Papua New Guinea citizens will be employed to provide services at the Regional Processing Centre on Lombrum, Manus Island.

Of this number, 287 are from Manus. The high commission in Port Moresby said Manus residents were employed to assist with construction work at the centre.

It said in a statement, services at the Lombrum centre were delivered by G4S, International Health and Medical Services and the Salvation Army.

It said all service providers were required to maximise the employment of PNG citizens wherever possible.

The statement said 81% of staff employed by G4S and its sub-contractors were PNG citizens.

A second centre will be built in East Lorengau and is expected to employ up to 230 citizens, including 160 from Manus.

Staff employed to carry out work at the centre will be paid wages commensurate with other locally available job opportunities.

Employees who travel from other parts of PNG may have their wages supplemented with an allowance for living away from home while working.

The high commission said three major contractors working at the Lombrum centre on building projects were Decmil, Red Seas Housing and Toll Remote Logistics.

These companies have engaged at least 60 PNG-based subcontractors.

At least 10 Manus companies have a direct business involvement providing goods and services to the centre.

This includes accommodation, laundry, car hire, gardening, fuel supply and cleaning, worth in excess of K170,000 per week.

The engagement of local businesses and local employment will increase with further expansion of the Lombrum centre and with the commencement of construction at the Lorengau site.