430km of roadwork halfway done

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WORKS secretary David Wereh says work on the 430km Nadzab to Kagamuga road is about 45 per cent complete.
Wereh said this after the signing of the supplemental agreement for this sustainable Highlands Highway Investment Programme Tranche 1.
An additional amount of K34 million was awarded to Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) and K27 million to Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants (PEC) for additional scope. Wereh said the four-year project was complex and would be completed under three major subsections over its 430km length from Nadzab in Morobe to Kagamuga in Western Highlands.
“We’ve got three major Chinese companies that are working already with funding and this is a four-year contract and right now, we are about 45 per cent, we are half way towards the project’s duration.”
Wereh said the K34 million was increased scope funding for maintenance and emergency works on the first section from Nadzab junction in Morobe to Henganofi in Eastern Highlands under MCC of China.
He said project supervising consultants PEC was appointed as the engineers on behalf of the State and paid K27 million.


  • This report is unreliable and mis-leading compared to actual work accomplished and areas yet to touch. Drive between Nadzab and Hagen and see the progress of the work and extend of un_touched sections of the road. Secretary for Works your assessments is raw, unrealistic and mis-leading for the Government
    and PNG as a whole.

  • Alll Chinese companies!? Why not giving a chance to a reputable local company such as Kaia Works? If they are not given any chances to prove thrir expertise and gain more experience then our local companies will never grow. Enough of handing over 99% of all contracts to China. What about taking back PNG and empowering local companies?

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