45 dept heads fail to give work plans

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The National, Friday, April 29, 2011

ACTING Prime Minister Sam Abal will not tolerate complacency from heads of national government departments and agencies.
Abal said the 2012 ge­neral election was just around the corner and “it is not a period to slow down in delivery of essential services to the rural majority”. 
He said the government was not happy that only 33 of the 78 departments and agencies had submitted their work plans and cash flows.
“Elections are coming. It is a very challenging time,” he said.
In his keynote address to heads of government departments and agencies on the first quarterly review of 2011 Implementation Year, he said after 35 years of independence, goods and services were not reaching the people.
All heads of government and statutory agencies were at the PNG Institute of Administration Hall for the review on the three impact projects to be undertaken under the 2011 Budget.
Abal told the packed hall that politicians were facing elections but the government system must work to deliver services.
“In the face of the elections you must take the bulls by the horn.
“You do not have to blame Sir Michael So­mare or Sam Abal.
“We cannot continue to leave sick people dying in hospitals.
“We cannot continue to leave kids on the street,” he said.
“They will cause pro­blems.”
Abal said this year was the year of implementation and if the government missed this opportunity it would be delayed by a year or two after the elections next year.
He called for a whole government approach and urged departmental and agency heads to show leadership and take ownership of the implementation of this year’s budget.
“It is not good enough as heads of departments and agencies to just tow along.
“Set your targets and goals and move on.
Abal said he would not accept excuses or non-performing heads of government agencies.