47 graduate to help ease the burden of nursing shortage


LAE School of Nursing, one of the oldest schools in the country, graduated 47 students on Tuesday.
The students graduated with diploma in nursing and provisional licence to practice.
Deputy health secretary Elva Lionel reminded graduating students that health was everybody’s business.
“We believe health is everybody’s business, from individual to community to an organisation,” she said.
“We have to think about health and do something for health.”
Lionel urged the students to provide the service expected of them by the people.
“It is important that we workers must also provide the services they are praying for,” she said.
“You (nurses) are also a big group in terms of the health workforce of the country.
“We still have the burden of not providing healthcare to the population out there in the rural areas.”
Lionel urged the graduating students to get their full licence and be registered with the Nursing Council of Papua New Guinea.