47 women get certificates

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The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013


A GROUP of women in Port Moresby have completed a six-week training on personal hygiene and housekeeping.

The 47 women of Moresby South received their certificates last Friday.

Director and trainer Sally Wahe-Laeka of Blessed Hope Foundation Inc said it was a challenging programme.

“It is challenging to conduct the training, especially to train some of these women who have never been to school,” Laeka said.

“I have to make them understand by translating the course written in English to Tok Pisin. I am surprised to see them all graduating.”

The six-week training included a one-week tour of a hotel in Port Moresby to observe and do practical lessons on what they had learned.

TVET coordinator Rose Hagua challenged the graduates to go out and look for jobs that will help them sustain their livelihood.

“Most of you sitting here are dependants on your husbands.  I believe this certificate will help you to excel in life,” Hagua said.

Blessed Hope Foundation thanked Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko for empowering women through such training.

Laeka is confident that many of these graduating women will be employed in business houses and companies.