5 sorcery-related deaths reported

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Police in East Sepik have reported five deaths in Angoram and Wewak, all sorcery-related.
Police commander Supt Albert Beli said locals from the Marienbeg local level government living at Gavien brutally murdered a woman and a Grade 11 male student from Angoram Secondary School last week.
He said a 13-year-old boy was allegedly kidnapped and hanged on Saturday.
Supt Beli said the three deaths were believed to be related and done as payback over accusations of sorcery practised by people from Mongol village in Marienberg LLG.
“Three deaths at Gavien last Thursday were believed to be related to what happened at Angoram in February,” he said. “A man died from an illness.
“After that people started accusing and killing each other.”
Supt Beli said three suspects were charged with wilful murder in relation to the three deaths at Angoram. Meanwhile, Supt Beli said a man and his son were killed at Suanum and Sirr areas on the east coast of Wewak yesterday.
He said their deaths were believed to be sorcery-related and police was looking into the matter.


  • Sepik is not a a safe place to live or work. They are killing themselves left, right, & centre. Its just outlaw given the consistency in killing and other petty crimes. Choose sepik to at your own risk.

  • Manu Nambax, is your province safe? I bet not. Society killings and payback killings are rife throughout PNG. Even our old folks practised socery and payback killings.

  • Manu, I dont agree with your comment about Sepik.

    Sorcery related violence is rampant across all regions of PNG with ongoing killings. Look at Madang, Morobe, Highlands region, Southern region and other parts of PNG, socery related violance is increasing.

    I am a highlander and I lived in Sepik for two years, working in both the urban and rural or remotes places in Sepik. I realised that Sepiks are hardworking and peace loving people and are very respectful and caring to others or visitors. They engage in physical violance or aggression only with their enemies or with those whom they have issues with, but they dont attack any random person.

    Beside their peace loving attitude, Sepiks have alot of good places to visit, including the surplus of tropical food from the garden and the water. I encourage P.N. Guineans to visit Sepik and see it for yourselves.

  • Bavo suports your comments here as an Highlander.
    I also worked in Sepik and experinced the same, they are peaceful people.
    There are one or two that is always the case every where.
    I don’t agree with Manu Nambax comments here.
    They are wonderful people, magnificent beach (Wom beach) and great memorial and the tasty Talapia (fish) na saksak.
    If you are planning a holiday, traim go lukim na filim.
    Wanbel ples stret.

  • Bavo salut you, besides Manu Nambax has a point but the wording is out of context. Killings are everwhere and Sepik is no exception, they could be related to sorcery as the PPC reports it.
    By the way where in PNG could you live without worrying about being killed the next corner you turn. Killing is a way of life now and law institutions are struggling to contain it. Even the severe penalty like hanging will not stop it because it is promoted and encouraged through new generations, a dispute if not settled has the potential to flare 20 years later, it is kept alive in the system and life goes on.

  • I am from Highlands but I spent half of my life living with Sepiks in lae,Rabaul and Lihir, They are so friendly and loving people.They are good at sharing even.Sepiks can only become enemy if you become enemy to them, In the first place I fear Sepiks but now I know they are very good people and they become my best friends.

  • To be frank. Our country is not safe anymore. Our people have allowed the devil to use them to become instruments of hatred and violence. Evil has entered their mindset and completely changed them thinking to believe in the evil means of judging each other.

    Every Papua New Guinean should surrender to GOD and start praying for better PNG. Because the events of Last Days are happening right in front of our eyes. Yet you will not see because you have been blind folded by the evil one.

  • General Comments tasol. Maybe our leaders today and those that are thinking of becoming our future leader, even our professionals throughout PNG, we should consider handing over the roll of PNG Police back to the Australians and see if the lawlessness will ever drop in our entire PNG communities. Maybe our law enforcement is somehow lacking that may contribute to continue lawlessness.
    Bikpla Pukpuk blong wara

  • Those who have ears …let him not only hear but listen!…those who have brains…not only think but understand!….Highlands, Momase, Southern and NGI… All you people of this land….RENEW YOUR MINDS! Nothing wrong with PNG! There’s something wrong with our minds…concerntrate on yourself in changing the way you think…there is nothing more powerful than a changed mind…. You have to exercise the power of your WILL… Jeremiah 17:5,7,10 says…cursed is the man who trust in man and makes flesh his strength…. blessed is the man who’s hope is in the Lord and who’s trust is in the Lord…. I the Lord search the heart and test the mind to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his doing…. The power to change is in your hands….. Thank you oh God Almighty… I can’t ask You for anything more… You have already provided and blessed…… God bless PNG!

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