53 clan members out on bail

National, Normal


FIFTY-three members of Wamiyufa clan of upper Asaro, Eastern Highlands province, who were arrested and detained by Goroka police for allegedly fighting in public were granted K200 bail each last Friday.
A total of K10, 600 was spent to have them all bailed out soon after Goroka District Court granted the bail following a successful bail application by lawyer Gabriel Gendua, who was acting on behalf of the clan.
But the Wamiyufa clansmen now want to file court papers to sue the police department and the State for alleged brutality and mistreatment while in police custody.
Spokesman Chris Luviso said their human rights were violated while in custody.
He told The National that one of their tribesman, Tom Anton fell unconscious and almost died in the cell, when police rushed him to the hospital.
Mr Luviso alleged that police compromised with their rival clan to penalise them.
Eastern Highlands provincial police commander Acting Chief Supt Augustine Wampe, when contacted yesterday, said they had their freedom of rights to do what they wanted to do.
“But they should remember that police would not condone fighting in town and public place.
Police are here to protect the public and properties,” he said.