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ANOTHER 55 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed, taking the national total to 287, says acting Health secretary Dr Paison Dakulala.
He said the country was well over the 200 mark and nearing the level four alert stage.
Dr Dakulala, the Deputy National Pandemic Response Controller said 17 cases were confirmed on Tuesday and 88 yesterday.
“All the 17 cases on Tuesday are from all over the city and shows that there is a community transmission,” he said.
They were from June Valley, ATS, Tokarara, Badili, Erima, Kaugere, Sabama, Boroko, two in Hohola and six in Wanigela-Koki.
“One is a staff of the Department of Health, another is a NCDC staff and one is a Filipino,” he said.
Dr Dakulala said there were 19 beds still available at the Rita Flynn isolation center.
“We have 49 beds there. So far there has been 30 patients isolated there – 27 were mild and only three were severe.
“Ten were discharged and three new patients were admitted there (yesterday). So there are 19 beds available.”
He said there were six confirmed cases at the Port Moresby General Hospital.
Dr Dakulala said from the 287 cases, 212 were active cases.
“So far, the virus has been found in NCD which has 224 cases, Central with five, Western with 47, Morobe with four, East New Britain with two, and one each in New Ireland, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Eastern Highlands, Southern Highlands and West Sepik.”


  • Dr Dakulala, with due respect, can we have a recovered patient from Covid19 come out and speak of his/her experience with the virus. It seems you are only reporting this case which people are not serious that this virus is for real. Please arrange with a recovered patient to come out on emtv so that everyone will see how serious this is true.

  • Agreed with Pekzman…Lets look at the positive side of the Covid19. Show the country what the government through health department is doing to managed the spread of Covid 19. Get the recovered individuals to come out and testify about their experience to the nation through local media .

  • If this real..a treath for our lives in Papua New Guinea…can we try to have tight security checks for all provinces because it’s already climbing the ladder….the earlier the better….

  • It strikes me that the number of cases is increasing but still no deaths. What kind of deadly virus is that?

  • The statistics Dakulala reveals supposed to direct the response team on what actions to take….. Iet’s hope they are doing that but if they are not then the acting secretary or whoever announces new cases has to remember that in health, epidemiological assessment and input is an absolute necessity [tool] to direct interventions.
    It seems we ARE HAVING FUN JUST TO ANNOUNCE new cases…??

    Valid questions are popping up [peksman, stern et al] which should be addressed even without been prompted….if that is not forthcoming, it only reveals relevant authorities shallow understanding of what it takes to handle the issue.
    Stern quite rightly questions why we have to call this virus “DEADLY” when in fact its not killing that many people [in the 3 deaths CoviD -19 was a co-morbidity] where the 3 affected had more serious health conditions already.

    The appropriate rates that should be used to decide a conditions severity are the Mortality and Case Fatality rates. These rates for Covid-19 are very small!! If the cup is half-empty, surely that means it is half-full. That means someone shouts 200 cases now!~and another one quips, ohh thats only 200 cases.

    The virus is here to stay…learn to live with it!

    1. Wear Face Mask
    2. Keep a fair distance from other people
    3. Control your coughs and sneezes
    4. Wash your hands before touching yours or other peoples mouth or eyes
    5. Cover your eyes [glasses] **most important
    6. Advice all members of your family to do all these [secures your family]
    7. In any case, get saved ‘be born again” John 3 vs 3 and follow Jesus.

  • Mexy, well done. Totally agree with your 7 points above. Especially point number 7. If nothing else can protect us, only God is our last line of protection.

    • Tugu Ibugu Alumale Igini, No. 7 would not help you at all, that is bull….
      keeping at least 150 cm distance, wear mask, do not touch other people! That what has worked out!

  • Dr Dakulala,If this is true then why not let those who have been recovered from COVID 19 can testify through TV so that everyone can know and understand how serious covid 19 is and people can take very serious on the issue. I believe TV is watched by almost everyone all across.

  • They have to go thru the correct protocol to do that.The process might be too long.This includes getting the consent from the recovered person.

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