5yrs of torture

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THE battered body of young mother Jenelyn Kennedy lay in a morgue yesterday as relatives told of the repeated beatings she had been receiving in the past five years which had been reported to police.
Grandfather Kennedy Karava said Jenelyn, last week, was subjected to another six days of beating.
She finally collapsed at the home she shared with her partner at Korobosea in Port Moresby early Tuesday morning.
Her partner was charged with wilful murder yesterday.
Karava said Jenelyn was only 15 and doing Grade Seven at the Eki Vaki Primary School when her father gave her a house in downtown to live in. She eloped with her partner in late 2015.
“We started looking for her. My son heard that they were living at 6-Mile. He lodged a complaint with the 6-Mile police station as she was under-aged,” he said.
“But at the police station, the officer told (my son) to come back the next day. He released Jenelyn and the partner. The next day, my son and I went to the police station and waited till afternoon. The police station commander referred us to the Sexual Offence Unit at the Boroko police station.”

From from left: Jenelyn Kennedy’s half brother Kiloh and relative Thomas Opa yesterday. – Picture supplied

He said they were told to leave their contacts with police and that “they would get back to us.”
Jenelyn and her partner disappeared in 2016.
“We went back a couple of times to the police station but they said the same thing: leave a number and will call you back,” he said.
Last year, Jenelyn managed to run away from her partner and returned to her maternal family at the Murray Barracks – “with her two babies, a broken arm and a black eye”.
Uncle Dickson Karava said the partner came and took her back, and “beat her up”.
“Every time we tried to intervene, she would stop us, saying he had the money and connections and would just make her life worse.”
Her children’s babysitter Racheal Ipang said when she returned to her partner in October last year, “he was good to her for a week, then beat her up again”.
Ipang said Jenelyn wasn’t allowed to leave her room.
“Jenelyn sought help, went to the safe house at Ela Beach, at Kaugere, at Erima, but it was no use.”
Ipang told of how last Thursday he assaulted her too before turning to Jenelyn again.
“We were inside the kids’ room when I started hearing Jenelyn’s muffled cries, the noise of chains and banging on the door.
“I was scared too. There were five men in the house too but they didn’t intervene.
“He beat her from last week Thursday to Monday morning when he called for a doctor (named) to treat her at home.”
She said after the doctor left, he beat her again.
“Her screams stopped at around 3am (Tuesday). I believe that’s when she passed away.”



    • Why use chains ? That’s just overkill !!…..isn’t his fists enough to do the job ? What were those five men doing there ? They should also be charged and locked up they’re just accomplices ….they just stood by and let a crime to be committed …..

  • This is total insane from a very young man like the perpetrator. This rogue man need to be arrested and face full force of law without being compromise with use of money. serve justice to the family and friends. such act come from an animal brain who does not care about life.

    • Japheth , I totally agree with you. Put the culprit, an uncivilized, primitive stone-age useless person behind bars and throw the key away so that he can rot in the jail for the rest of his life. Is he God to take a life without hesitation? Who is he? A senseless murderer. He is no where near to be classified as a human being and is unfit to live in a civilized society with human beings but a wild animal indeed. He is a tool of the devil.
      Send him to the depths of the earth, where he can not hurt anyone again.

      • Can this insane person’s details be published so the whole world can know who he is and where he comes from. Why is this info kept secret? He is a devil in human body. He should undoubtedly be the first person qualified for the death penalty.

    • Truely have to defend the animals here, animals dont even do this to they own. This man needs to be totured for exactly like late Jenelyn Kennedy suffered.

    • Yes He deserves the death penalty, my condolences to the family. And the officers recieving the bribes and neglecting their jobss too must be held accountable for her death in which they failed big time. They are not fit to be in the Force.

      Hre is sick in the mind and can not be allowed back into the community

  • It is really barbaric and insanity at its worst.This is really the devil in human body, he needs to be punished with death penalty. Justice for Jenelyn and other ladies who have gone before.My greatest condolence to the family and the two little angels.

  • This is the real definition for corruption. Those police officers and that person need to be arrested immediately. they Need t harvest what they have planted. The government must looked into such issues as soon as possible and take some action before the same things will apply to other girls.

  • He should be given the same treatment, beat him with chain for 6 days and send him to prison – live sentence. he is an animal and cult unfit to live with human being.

  • “He beat her from last week Thursday to Monday morning when he called for a “doctor” to treat her at home” This information identifies one person who could have saved her life. The doctor, if feared his confidentiality policy at least under humanity grounds could have called police fox unit to do a check up in that house. I believe if this would have been done the distress tormented poor traumatized young mother could have been saved. Society thinks its okay for husbands to bash up their wives ( Marit Problem) and that is why no one bothers to help thus causing grievous deaths to defenseless wives.
    I feel so frightened now than before for my daughters, sisters, aunts and all others out there. Stay safe and speak out to get help if you are experiencing violence with your partner.

  • My condolences to the family of the late Jenelyn Kennedy. No explanation will ever justify this act of brutality and the taking away of the life of an innocent wife and mother by her very own partner. This evilness is too much to fathom. The babysitter’s testimony provides lead to other collaborators of the crime. Check the 5 male counterparts who were with the offender and never intervened to protect the wife or to mitigate the situation. They are accomplishes of murder. Question the doctor who treated Jenelyn at home and find out the medication she was given. The doctor should also report such incidents of DV to the police or FSVU to investigate the issue and protect the life at stake. Seek legal advice to find out if the police have been negligent for not responding to this issue at the earliest. DV is a responsibility for all of us. Lets protect our vulnerable.

  • Both couple are not responsible.End up in Jail or ending up in the cemetery is not enough..They are too young to make and create chaos .Better leave animal kingdom and be robot.

  • There is a systematic failure even at the level of Police, when citizens register their complaints. Whether its family and sexual violence or car theft, stealing, the Police are mandated o attend to the matter and record the it as well.

    A Police attendance to the problem in the first instance can prevent re-occurrence by virtue of warnings. In this very unfortunate case, this did not occurre. Who is the Commander of that suburban Police Station. He needs to answer up to this case.

    The house maid, is now the primary witness to this case. She needs to identify all the people who were in the house, even the doctor who attended to the victim in the days leading up to her death. All of these people must answer for their part in failing to raise the alarm in the final moments of the victims life.

    There must be a strong deterrent in the first instance. It is my sincere hope that the Police will come down hard on family based violence and this person responsible to prosecuted well and truly.

    Justice is served in a cold dish.

    • I totally agree with what you said. 5 years is a long time and this poor young lady has lost her life due to incompetency, ignorance and injustice. The ones that have lost are lot are her children. They’ve lost both their parents and have also been traumatized for life.

  • The families of late Jenelyn should have rescued her long time ago when she was suffering from torture and ill treatments from her partner or do something much better than reporting to the police if the police were not responding. The families of late Jenelyn must be partly blamed. They have also contributed to the death of that innocent young woman we are all feeling sorry in the manner in which she was tortured and succumbed to death at such an early age. May be the families of late Jenelyn were scare of their lief because her partner must have come from a rich back ground and they could not afford to stand up and defend Jenelyn until her death.

    • Can we (PNG) vote on a fitting penalty for this animal? Justice for Jenelyn must be without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy.

    What kind of husband and a father would do that to his wife like this in front of the kids and relatives.
    He must face the FULL FORCE OF THE LAW.

  • The doctor needs to be charged as well. He took an oath to protect the Health and well being of a person.
    He is experienced enough when he/she visited the patient to lay a formal medical report at the police station for them to intervene.
    However, Money talks na Money pasim maus.
    Sad Reality

  • What a demon possessed, cult-riddled piece of pervert and crustecean, who walks and talks like a human being but a popped-out alien and a demon straight from the pit of hell.

    You and your cohorts do not deserve to live another day freely on this planet, but go back to where you all belong!

    Your turn will come and boys from Bombex are dying to get your sorry piece of crap arse soaped, whipped and pumped every day of your perverted life there. You deserve a life-term at Bombex.

    Your money and connection will NEVER buy your freedom!

  • “He beat her from last week Thursday to Monday morning when he called for a “doctor” to treat her at home”

    This piece of information identifies one person who could have saved her life. The doctor, if feared his confidentiality policy at least under humanity grounds could have called police fox unit to do a check up in that house. I believe if this would have been done the distress tormented poor traumatized young mother could have been saved. Society thinks its okay for husbands to bash up their wives ( Marit Problem) and that is why no one bothers to help thus causing grievous deaths to defenseless wives.
    I feel so frightened now than before for my daughters, sisters, aunts and all others out there. Stay safe and speak out to get help if you are experiencing violence with your partner.

  • Every one is at fault: 1) family and relatives should have stepped in earlier by getting a restraining order and saved Jenelyn. 2) the responsible sections of the Police Dept failed to act on several occasions when the matter was reported to them 3) The 5 male accomplice who failed to intervene should be charged 4) The medical doctor is equally guilty for not making any attempt to report the case to police if Jenelyn’s life was at risk. 5) The murder should face the full blunt of the law. He doesn’t deserve to live. REST IN PEACE Jenelyn.

  • Yeah – 5 people in the house, and she was tortured for 5 years – and no one intervened? No one reported to the police?

    Like imelda said – people here think it’s okay to beat up their wives especially if they already paid the bride price. Sad.

  • She was ignored on many occasions. There were 5 men in the house, the baby sister was there, the doctor went there to treat her. She seek help from many so called mama safe house or safe place. The worse of all is she went to the police including her relatives and turned back several times. How can we safe our girls and mothers when all these avenues were exhausted but no one bother to help. I can conclude here that she is death due to the ignorance. The above group of people if identified, should be charged and organisations like Meri seif Haus and Police to be questioned on their ignorance.

  • What is so special about this culprit that his name can not be mentioned. Sick minded people like him shouldn’t be covered, regardless of his wealth and power. PNG and the world needs to know who he is, so just spill out the physco’s name. He is not God!

  • This is absolutely inhuman, primitive act and an act of looser who thinks much of his wife’s beauty. Great losers think evil at all times and he is one of those who deserve to go away from this beautiful country. God created this country perfectly and we do need him. Such a person like late Jenelyn’s so call partner should be punished severely. PNG, let us all stand together and have such person hanged to stop such act happening. Just hang him — PNG Judiciary system is week … this is happening right under your nose and yet nothing is happening. I am sick and tired of this murder business —- very shameful of international viewers. Come act now and punish him —– judiciary system —- wake up. Enough of this —- make tougher laws for such people. It will be one of your daughters —- leave women stay free —- please leave them —- mama karim yu yah.

  • Sunei Weki — pours out his frustration and am right behind him. We all have to stand up now, lets all act now PNG …… That culprit deserves Death Penalty —- Does our law guarantees death penalty for this act? if yes, so what he deserves — send him out there let every citizen sees.

  • According to the report above, poor Jenelyn died in the very eyes of police, doctors and the friends and relatives of her inhuman husband. Many of these professionals and ordinary people forget that real satisfaction in life comes when we help others from pain or hunger but they forget that. Perhaps money has blinded them.
    This is a clear indication that people have substituted human life with money. We must know it well that life has the start and finish but not money. Money is like the sound of a wind, you don’t know where it comes and where it goes.
    Country men and women we need to rise and say no to family violence.
    May Jenelyn rest in eternal peace.

  • Very sad and sorry…..we all have sister, mum and daughter and don’t want that to happen to them………..Man lets “STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN”….

  • They have to make an example out of this person..introduce the death penalty..this is not..this is first degree murder.. this a horrific sadistic premeditated murder..they need to treat this as murder..gosh, it’s horrific reading the this article..the systematic gaps that lined up to the point where death was the only way out..The safe houses let her down, the police let her down, the close family who knew about this let her down, the babysitter let her down, the people living within the same house let her down..no one should let this happen to anyone.

  • I cannot believe that police and family k ew about this and did nothing decisive to intervene for her welfare in the face of wealth and power used to enslave and finally murder her.
    This reflects poorly on our society that prides itself on being grass roots.

  • The culture of ” em problem blo tupla marit” must change. The society is needed to change the culture of violence- all forms of violence.

  • The family of late Jenelyn had reported the matter to police. Who else the family could have gone to for assistance? The family had done its part. Police has let down this family. Only nature knows who received the report at the police station and failed miserably to act on it. Non performing and unproductive police officers should be removed from the force because they have nothing to give and protect society. This is one of the examples among numerous cases that go unresolved. Police men and women should work from their hearts with passion to create a better society for all.

  • The idea is simple!
    Let’s make impossible mistakes to possible mindset
    We create a negative path and avoid being tracked
    No man’s above the law, the law is for the citizens of this country
    Since tortured five years ago,why not calling and run for the law for your safety,simply as that.

  • The Doctor who made the house call and the other men who were in the house should all be charged for aiding and abetting this abhorrent crime. Absolutely disgusting!! Gender based violence is very real. Behavior begins at home. Teach your children to be respectful – your sons should know violence is never okay and you are a coward if you resort to it; your daughters to know they are worthy and always have a safe place in your family, no matter what they are going through. Protect life at all costs even if it means speaking out against people you know who are cowards beating up defenseless victims.

  • I feel for her! How could you torture the mother of your two children like that! I wonder what she he has done to deserve such painful death by her own husband? Do we not mediums to solve our problems than using violence. Violence is not a SOLUTION! Do not resort to it. I Hope this perpetrator & one hell of a culprit rots in jail without mercy!!

    – Justice for Jenelyn Kennedy

  • DOCTOR’S DUTY OF CARE, where does that come into play ? He was there and than. She would have been alive today if he the least educated person present played his duty of care roll and report to authorities after treating her. Our existing systems set-up failed young Jenelyn big time. So So Sorry, RIEP Daughter

  • My Good Papua New Guinean’s,

    1. This beautiful soul like many others before her died a slow painful and brutal death. She started dying from the moment her case was presented to her parents/guardians, her partners unresponsive parents, the Meri safe house, the police and the health/medical professional. Negligence, ignorance and due diligence was never a priority in her case like so many before and so many to come.

    2. The Government’s continued failure in setting up welfare systems to protect and provide for women living in marriages that can only be classified as human terrorist relationships where the husband is the sole provider of income and leaves the wife completely dependent on him regardless of her own safety. There was no government safety net for this victim or for many of other before her and those currently living in marriages like this. If there was a safety net she could have easily established a complaint registered it with Welfare and be put on a steady income to subsidize cost of living for her and her children. Then state lawyers could take her case up for the children’s father to pay for maintenance and upkeep. Police could have dealt with law enforcement regarding this case respectively. Something of this Social Safety Net MUST now become a priority. This system will encourage women trapped in violent marriages but can’t leave due to the husband being the primary income earner to finally leave.

    3. I am of Highlands heritage and our cultural safety net is still very much intact. In saying that it has also proved to fail us at times. If this had happened to my sister, I would have physically removed her from this marriage and the entire extended family would have demanded law enforcement to do its job or (village style) have the husband and his family pay compensation for her body and bearing of children. This will mark their separation and divorce. His actions would have been brought to daylight. However, not everyone or every family can do this. So this is why our government needs to have a social safety net for our sisters, mother’s and daughters. If there is one already in existence, it must be the weakest and most neglected division of Welfare.

    4. 95% of the Police Force are hard working men and women and do deserve our support and encouragement. However as in many professions like Medical, Education and others, there are always individuals who will not practice Honesty, Integrity and due diligence in their daily tasks. We cannot judge the entire profession because of several rotten apples. However we can demand reform and better training supported by government grants and policy. I truly feel for our brothers and sisters in blue. What we need to keep in mind is the Police are the last line of the government arm responsible for dealing with Failed Political policies and actions by elected leaders. They are the ones that have to deal with crimes committed by youths because the lack of government drive to create better opportunities and employment. They have to deal with recapturing jailed escapees because of lack of funding and development of better prison facilities. They have to deal with all the countless DV cases because it seems there is no Government Social Safety Net for women wishing to leave their sole provider husband for fear of their children and their own welfare. They have to deal with these DV cases because Parents aren’t bringing up their children with core fundamental Christian / Moral beliefs and values. RPNGC needs more support through training, support facilities and systems, better pay structure, housing and equal opportunities for both men and women in the force.

    5. We need to encourage a society where if one person sees something that is suspicious, illegal or unjust must speak out and be able to call the necessary arm of Law and Order without fear. Our citizens must take back our communities, streets, neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities. Only when we have a society that takes responsibility for the happenings in our country, our elected leaders, senior public office holders and staff will have no excuse to turn a blind I and hope someone else deals with these issues. So how do we do this? Children. Teach your children. Spend time with them. Take an interest in them. Father’s stay home. Prioritize your wife and children. Teach them core fundamental Christian/Moral beliefs and values. Mother’s show deep respect for Father’s, father’s Love your wife as you love yourself. Teach your children through your actions and words.

    I’m sure there is more but I’m just outlining my thoughts as a concerned Papua New Guinean Man/Father/Husband. My family’s thoughts and prayers are with Late Jenelyn and her family. I honestly wish this had never happened.

  • I have a relative whose gone through the same shit and had taken shelter at the so called Save Meri Haus at Ela Beach, Kaugere and Erima but was not really given the care she needed so she went back to her violent husband. When the rumors went out we the relatives intervene and warned the husband. My point is are this organisations really performing what they suppose to do or just some other milking groups??????

  • Execute the full force of the death penatly to him so that’ll be a signal to all the likeminded husbands/boyfriends out there to be considerate of life. We all have one life to live, married, school, work, parenting and most of all one life to be loved.

  • FSVU and so called Family Supports Centers have failed late Jenelyn big time.. If only you have stepped in to support her, she wouldn’t ended up in morgue.

  • Late Jenelyns husband has two wives, the second wife is the daughter of a senior lady within a Bank in Port Moresby. Jenelyns father inlaw owns a security firm here in POM as well. How could you allow your wife Jenelyn and your second wife to be together in one house, go for a boat cruise, jet sking & post on FB. This guy was having an affair and blamed all his problem to late Jenelyn.

    Jenelyn at a very young age fall for this worthless man, who has no respect for his wife, maybe he was brought up by a father who normally bash his mother and he grew up to be like that.

    Justice for Jenelyn, Worthless human being, does not deserve to be in this world. Please impose death penalty for violence against women & rapist( electrocuted ).

  • Investigation to must be carried out on the police involved as well as they were too slack to do their jobs

  • parents and relative knew what was going on in their bloody eyes and yet ignore it. what bloody humans are. if the idiot’s parents also knew about the issues, yet kept very silent.

    all should be charge for negligence of duty to care and protection of life.

  • While the rest of the world is responding positively to the Black Lives Matter Campaign, PNG resolutely persists in showing that here black lives don’t matter – particularly black female lives.

  • Poor girl. It must be so hard for women to escape abusive husband’s it seems. She has been suffering almost every single day of the last 5 years at his hands and decided to return to him last October.
    And what about the police? They know how bad the situation in PNG is with coolant partners beating and killing their girls friends and wives. To say come back tomorrow is irresponsible. They need to act at the slightest possible complaint and check on situations like that.
    And concerning the animalistic killer. In this case there should no trial. He should be bashed up for a week, and then sent to life imprisonment with hard labour. Or better just hang or kill him. Such a person does not deserve to be alive because he has no respect and love for life.

  • This is a very sad but unjustified scenario. My sincere heart-felt condolence to the immediate family members of the deceased. By the same token, may I express here that whatever we say here may help in some way to tighten up our judiciary system, but it may not justify and or compensate the lose and grief inflicted by this untimely lose. However, the case serves to inform us all that today there is no guarantee that life is smooth sailing, and all evil is bound to happen with the excitements of life. This is where parents, guardians, children and especially young girls to be wary of their involvement with people and those they choose to express their affection and intimacy. You can’t trust systems, people and partners even the church for they are all made of people and people are more corrupt today than they were many centuries ago. This is where our trust must rest on the Maker of life. Let justice prevail!

  • The partner, those 5 men that stood there and did nothing plus that stupid doctor should all be charged with murder. This is soo brutally unbelievable.

  • The Accused is confirmed and absolute candidate for Death Penalty if not life imprisonment. The gravity of the offence warrent death to the Accused. Those other five (5) conmen stand watching should also be equally charged for Willful Murder for doing nothing to save the poor girls life. Police must arrest these five (5) people too..

  • Jethro Kase,,I totally agree with you,, this wouldn’t have happened if the police did their job in the first place when it was reported to 6 mile police station and later reffered to dv/fsvd,they totally ignored it with excuses,, investigate the police officers involved, arrest that bloody doctor for keeping it quiet and the men who watched and did nothing,, throw all of them to jail

  • What a sick pervet you deserve to rot in prison, death penalty is an easy escape,let him rot in jail.let the thought of her haunt him,




  • This is a very high violance attitude Police also not enough actions to shortit out this problems .how this country can reflect the good Christian name .how Law Enforcement agencies Leaders going to stop this kind of problems continue observe how many more women will die?

  • The evil guy had no respect all over for her. She is the mother of his children and how could he do that? Just because he has money and everything he thinks he can get away with that. I feel so sorry for her. May that evil guy get a life sentence in prision.

  • Please compile a case for those ignorent police who are chasing women and money for their pleasure and cannot respond to such inequality treatments in our societies. The UN tries to promote gender equality in png and yet such people like this animalistic attitude cause problems and gender bias. He has to be dealt accordingly, as the law guides us all.

  • The assailant’s identity is still unknown, did poor Jenelyn have parents? if so where were they all these time she was roughing it out with her partner? Is the partner untouchable ? it does not wash with me that the same cruel parents are distressed, in fact the parents should be celebrating Jenelyn’s passing now that she is no longer a liability to them, sadly Jenelyn can erase them off her memory.
    She died a slow painful death witnessed by everyone. God have mercy on her.
    I have a daughter growing up into a fine young woman, another Jenelyn over my dead body.

  • Hello Papua New Guinea VIOLENCE, especially sexual gender based violence is everyone’s business. Please let us all change our mentalities and mind set. It is a real life situation that girls and mothers go through this. We all got to wake up from our sleep and start red flagging such situations.
    This young mother has gone through a lot of pain and agony before she died which is so sad. I had to read the news over & over. Have no mercy on the partner. He deserve the same torture that he inflicted on this unfortunate young mother of two little angels. Hang him to rot in the wilderness and the while animals can feast on him.
    My deepest heart felt condolences to the two little innocent angels, family, relatives and friends of late Jenelyn Kennedy. May your Soul Rest In Internal Peace.

  • I feel that it’s time the government should enact a law to deal with violence against women and girls in this country. Punish those who are guilty of such crimes and condemn them to life imprisonment, or sentenced to death depending on the crime. Otherwise, in the next two to three years, there would be a surge in family violence which will result in more of our women and girls suffering at the hands of preying lunatics. I personally condemn this act and call on the government to please, do something to save the future of our women.

  • It about time the government need to introduce dead penalty for this kind of animals taking another person life.

  • Sounds like alot of people have blood on their hands.

    What the guy did was torture and pre-meditated murder. He deserves maximum penalty under the law. Hopefully his rich family will allow the law to take its course; hopefully the police will do their job honestly; and hopefully justice will be served.


  • I seriously agree with you. Society is immoral in png because parents concentrate on sex and not their children. Most arguments are about another partner getting it somewhere and the other not “getting “
    This animal is bi sexual and sick in deed. His parents must be seriously retarded ? Can someone check other siblings, it could be a family thing! Prosecutor the son of a bitch and close down his family business.!take aim at his family because he comes from a very violet and unstable family.
    Sadly in png, it’s cultural to have more then one wife! So the common law doesn’t help here.. if we stop this sick behaviour of having other wives, mistresses and concubines then maybe we heading into another direction.

  • My heart breaks for this young mother and her family. What sort of animal does this to the mother of their kids? This is an institutionalized trait by PNG men, from the top leadership down to police so things will continue into the future. The only real solution is for PNG women to marry or have a partner from the outside i.e. non-PNG men, or not have one at all.

  • From 1975 – 2013 men could getting away with beating their wives. The Family Protection Act passed parliament in September 2013, prohibiting violence in the family. It hasn’t made a difference: Men are just as violent now as they were in 2012 and before. Police need to wake up and do something about men bashing their wives, especially when the violence is repeated. Jenelyn Kennedy will never again have opportunity to care for her two daughters because this brutal man of hers has bashed her hundreds of times over a 5 year period. Does a young woman have to be dead before police arrest a man who is in violation of the Family Protection Act? Thank you Prime Minister James Marape for addressing the issue.

  • May her soul rest in Peace. Our Sympathies to the family of the Late Janelyn Kennedy and may you find peace in our God almighty. Justice will be served upon the perpetrator. This innocent young girls misfortune has touched so many around the country and every good citizen of this country feel the time is right for the implementation of capital punishment. We can no longer hide behind the notion of a christian country..

  • The Government of PNG developed a Gender Equity & Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy. It was develop to maintain a positive, respectfull work culture that ensures equity and diversity for all employees and free from discrimination. In 2018, in collaboration wth the department of Community Development and Relgion, eNova Software Solutions designed and developed a mobile application to assist to implement the policy. The idea was to track and monitor where GBV and other forms were happening and to guide develop appropriate awareness packages and actions. We need such tools today to measure the complexities of issues and the societies. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

  • Only a sick minded person murder their wife in this way.
    I suspect thisen grow up seeing his father treat his morher this way so it become normal to him to do the same thing he experience growing up.
    The young men that were present while this abuse was hsppening should be arrested and the docypr who bisited the house prior to her death must be terminated ny the PNGedical board and also be charged for failing yo repory this matter to the police.

  • This Idiot should face the full force of Law.
    Government should impose a Law that such kind of incident, the perpetrator should be executed.
    That Idiot dude deceived to Die.

  • Justice system is corrupt,too much bribery, I hope this case will delay, evidence is there, so no court case, send straight to Bomana for Life year imprison. He deserve that.

  • This is the result of failure and may be fear to intervene in order to stop the incident. Jenelyn’s family, the police force and all the other responsible units mentioned in this report have miserably failed to make an attempt at each of their levels of power and authority to combat the situation before it blew into fatal dead. Ignorance to intervene and help in such time and case is only the excuse of inability, laziness, carelessness, failed duty and fear.
    This report is a good lesson to young people. Learn from it and always make wise decisions, for instance, one should decide to get married when the person is of age, matured and confident enough to deal with practical issues affecting marriage.

  • I believe Sexual Offence Unit (SIU) at Boroko Police Station should/must be investigated as well because of their negligence that leads to the death of young Jenelyn. When will our tomorrow tomorrow system in PNG stops? Justice for Jenelyn

  • Since PMJM said PNG is a Christian Country, that person needs Rehabilitation, and counseling to help him, he’s mentally sick.
    Proper investigation needs to be conducted and his side of the story be told, and people need to understand what drove him to that extent so that awareness could be done and the majority of the population can be educated.
    His motive and what drives him needs to be understood properly. That case also shows how the country is lacking in terms of social services, failure of the Police to enforce law.

  • There are certain groups, people who are also liable for the death of Jenelyn Kennedy, the relatives should be blamed, the Dr should be blamed, & herself as well, she has all the right get a divorce, we should not only blame the culprit… lets use all our rights placed upon our lives,for our safety & safety of others…

  • I am very furious like many other commentators but my fear yet again is the perpetrator will be free like the many murders we’ve seen literally buying their way out of jail and even the court system. You talk of Wesley Kange a lawyer is out in the free, you talk of Justin Parker a businessman he’s out in the free. There’s never a justice system in this country. How long are we going to bear all these barbaric killings?. For once, can we have those in Authority do their work diligently…

  • So much for Talks. The Perpetrator should have been killed by now. How many women do want to see killed before we can start imposing tougher laws… Awh.. God help Us.

  • How on earth can the people in the house just ignore what goes on for a beautiful woman like that. They should help by reporting to the police. Money pasim maus blo ol na those police officers who just turned a blind eye. This man is really having a brain beyond animals’.

    Justice must prevail. My heart sank so much after reading and seen images of this woman. It is just beyond human comprehension. She should be seen and protected as a mother of next generation of leaders who will run this beautiful nation of different tribes.

    People who do not have reference for God will continue to behave in these bad ways. Our prayers are with the family.

    Justice must prevail.

  • Can the National Doctors Association check on the Doctor who was called and treated the victim? That Doctor would have saved the late Jenelyn.

  • What was the dad thinking buying a house for his daughter at 17years. Where is the maturiry and responsibility needed to take on such a responsibility at a young age. Dont take me wrong. The guy should be persecuted accordingly, and the victim did not deserve such a disturbing death. But poor parenting can lead to this situations as well.
    Famillies take care of your daughters and neices, report when an offence as been made,and never stop till you have the law on your side and the appropriate authorities well aware and proactive at stopping it.
    Gender based violence as to come to an end. Man simply need to RESPECT women, no matter the emotions or situations.

  • Where were were they? Sapos mi, mi bai go lo haus blo man ya na mi brukim tit blo em. 5 years of suffering and the family ignored it.

  • In a outcry where the right of a woman’s right is not protected, ensuring a development of a country is impossible. Because the half of working forces in a society are women. Nonetheless, the norm, politics ad the legal system of Papua New Guinea(PNG) seems to no be able to guarantee nor the safety nor right of women in the country. This will continue until women in PNG raise up and fight again men’s superiority. My message are: PNG Women united and fight for your right. Unless you say enough and fight for your right, you will not end counting victims like Jenelyn Kennedy..

  • In a country where woman’s right is not protected, ensuring a development of a societies is impossible. Because half of the working forces are women. Nonetheless, the norm, politics ad the legal system of Papua New Guinea(PNG) have failed to guarantee the safety and the right of women in the country. This will continue until women in PNG raise up and fight against men’s superiority in the country. My message is: PNG Women united and fight for your right. Unless you say enough and fight for your right, you will not end counting victims like Jenelyn Kennedy..

  • Corruption is the root cause of this young beautiful ladies deaths. When you read the two daily newspapers, the relatives and the victim approached the right government sanctions institutions to seek justice but the players intentionally or deliberately failed to report the matter to appropriate authorities to safe the life of the young lady. All these players were bribed by the culprit and they couldn’t speak-up for the poor young lady.

    The police must get to the bottom of the investigation and arrest those players as well and charge them.

    That MONSTER must be jail for life. Government must impose tougher laws on CORRUPTION and GENDER BASE VIOLENCE.

  • has anyone interviewed the or heard the husband’s side of the story? what were the causes of him getting angry over the victim. we should not just the book by it’s cover. the coin has two sides on it. the law has to fully investigate and come out on whoever is the real cause of the problem here..

  • My condolences to the family of late Jenelyn Kennedy that this is a very painful and heart breaking senario that Jenelyn have gone through which I find it hard to forget in every moment of my life and of the time of her murder up untill now and its unforgetable and unforgiveable.

    I appeal to the sons and daughters of PNG please choose your partner carefully because its your lifetime decesion that your love between the two of you should not fade away and result with chaios and disaster that we parents never want to hear and witness.

    Since the partner (suspect) is behind the bars I personally appeal to the Judical System to impose tuffer penalities possible to the culprit the sooner the better.

  • I couldn’t imagine what I would do if that was my daughter, sister, aunt or mother. Please endorse the Death Penalty for such heinous crimes. What a cruel way for a young and beautiful lady to die? Mas wanpla lus man lo meri stret yah. Please give justice to Jenelyn, her family and the PNG women folks.

  • This issues have been brought to media so many instant but NO so call government officers concern have really stand out clearly to say that its the responsibility of them as officers concern and brought justice to who ever is,now all over PNG COMMENT will come from many directions to justify that whoever have caused this have to face the full force of the law…but when is the questions all PNG now raising but then this so call the HUSBAND have to put into jail with verdict handed down because no case to answer,straight forward with evidence,PLEASE JUSTICE DONE NOW ASAP,WHAT EVER DECISION DONE NOW WILL SEND SIGNAL TO ALL WHO FALL IN THAT CATEGORY.DEATH PENALTY, show no mercy in this case and all those who protest against DEATH PENALTY have to shout up their mouth and watch in this out come of this case….please enough of VIOLENCE against WOMEN…yu man wokim olsem ya yu no man ya……..

  • When she ran to her families at Murray Barracks in fear, why did they let the insane guy come and get her away? That is nonsense, letting someone go die into the mouth of the demons. Money won’t overwrite parent’s rights, parents you have maximum percent (%) to defend you child when someone abuses him/her – what you mean by saying, he has the money and he can do anything to suffer her? NONSENSE…

    You parents have all the rights to turn away all those so called policemen, defense or whatsoever. Peace be to the young mother of two and REIP…
    Impose dead penalty on him and electrocute him to make it fair, he is an animal and is not fit to live in the human society.

  • if you have sons, educate them now, this starts at home, teach them to be men, teach them the right way of life

  • First of all, My deepest condolences to late Jenelyn Kennedy, she was such an angel. She is at the actual age as my baby sister and i also feel that pain which her brothers are going through. Now, that usedless,unhuman, brainless, psycho pet, Dog brain!! Deserves a painful, shameful Long term of life behind bars.Yes! He must rot in jail as well as in HELL!!!!!

  • The Culprit was already arrested and in custody, PNG now its the time to stand up and demand for the Doctor who attended to her at the suspect’s home to be arrested for not raising the alarm because he/she had conspired in the murder….


  • Lets Demand for the PNG Doctors Association to fast track there investigation and the police to make an arrest.

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