600 HIV positive people on the loose in Morobe

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MORE than 3,500 people were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Morobe last year yet only 2,900 are on constant ART treatment.
Alarmingly the remaining 600 are at large, unaccounted for and not monitored in their respective communities in the province.
Rodney Mukinere, a strong advocate against the deadly disease for more than 20 years, is pursuing the HIV/AIDS fight in Morobe despite being disabled.
He is taking on the fight with limited resources.
His disability is the result of the disease. Back in 2004 he was tested positive for HIV which eventually left him bed-ridden until he said his faith healed him.
Mukinere gave in detail how he was infected and affected, which almost cost his life.
He was admitted to the Angau Memorial Hospital for 10 months.
Knowing his status as person with HIV-positive, he fought stigma and discrimination and lived a healthy and positive life for more than 18 years.
Mukinere has now taken his healing as a stepping stone to spreading the message of dangers of the disease to other people who he says should not face the same ordeal that he had.
He and Rodney Bafeo Jr (former administration officer of the Morobe Provincial AIDS Council) have been actively increasing awareness of preventive measures since 2005.