600 nurses gearing up for symposium

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By Elizabeth Vuvu
ABOUT 600 nurses from around the country are meeting in Kokopo, East New Britain this week for the 14th National Nurses Research Symposium.
Speaking during the opening of the symposium at the Vunapope Diocesan Hall, acting national president of the PNG Nurses’ Association, Sten Nawik, said the association had come a long way, with ENB taking on the challenge from Morobe last year to host the symposium on behalf of NGI region this year.
He said the symposium provided an avenue for the nursing society to share knowledge and experience.
ENB deputy governor Cosmas Bauk, who officially opened the symposium, appeared to be the favourite speaker at the opening as he was applauded when he reminded everybody that a nurse was the human face of health service.
“The nurse is the first person the sick have as a companion and the last person one will see apart from a family member before one dies,” Bauk said.
“The love and compassion a nurse shows accelerates the healing process of a sick patient.”
ENB deputy administrator Nicholas Larme thanked all nurses for their services.
He said the administration gave K50,000 to the hosting committee as a token of appreciation of nurses and the work they have done in the last 40 years.