60,000 villagers to have roads connected

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MORE than 60,000 people in North Fly, Western, are to have roads connected to their villages with the support of local MP James Donald.
According to a local constructor, the project is estimated to cost millions and will cover an area of 25sqkm.
Green Hope Investment Ltd (GHIL) manager Ronney Kien told The National that the pilot track started in Smoatu village, North Fly, and would end at Aiambagk in Middle Fly.
“There is no road link between western side of North Fly and the main Kiunga-Hiabak Highway since independence,” he said.
“Local MP James Donald has taken the initiative to build the road.
“The 25km ongoing pilot road project included connection of 2.5km missing links from Kiunga to Ramsite area and would connect Strickland and Nomad with existing Kiunga-Hiabak Highway.”
Kien said through the district development authority (DDA), Donald had been funding the project since 2018 with almost K2mil, and with his continuous assistance, they were able to complete 15km of road through thick jungle, with 10km yet to be completed at the end of the year.
He added that Donald had requested Government assistance and through a public investment project (PIP) funding, they received K1mil this year and hoped that with that funding, they would complete the project.
Project engineer Agare Joe said the project would benefit the local and become a corridor for social and economic development.
It would boost the provincial income through agriculture like rubber apart from Ok Tedi Mining.


  • If the government is serious about controlling the border then this west-side of Fly river road would be critical.
    Yet they gave only K1 million toward the construction
    However they could spend over K10 million on 45th celebrations.
    2000 years ago Emperor Nero knew his people preferred circuses

  • MP you have the heart for your people. They deserve this new road infrastructure. It bring many blessings including our people access to basic services.

  • Member, one attribute of the foundation for development, well done, your people are seeing the light and I will be amazed to see the change when I visit one day .


  • We welcome the initiative of road connectivity as main agenda to daily living of our people,Great work Hon.James Donald and team who are behind the work progress.It’s all the intention of taking back PNG.

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