67 adults and seven children on ARV in Lae

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

THERE are total 67 adults and seven children taking tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS antiretroviral drugs simultaneously that were registered and monitored by Anua Moriri Day Care Centre (AMDCC) at Angau Memorial Hospital, Morobe. 
Despite tremendous effort committed by health staff from various HIV/AIDS counselling and testing sites to implement advocacy programmes, lack of health facilities and logistics hinders the progress in the nine districts of Morobe.
Dr Elsie Ryan from AMDCC said three populated and economically viable districts including Menyamya, Kabwum and Nawaeb had no counselling testing and antiretroviral service sites.
There are 26 counselling and testing sites in six districts: Lae 17, Bulolo one, Huon Gulf four, Markham one, Finschafen two and Tewai-Siassi one.
Only Markham and Finschhafen have one ART site each while Bulolo, Huon Gulf and Tewai-Siassi have nothing.
She said it was vital to “to educate rural people, as when they move from villages to urban areas, to be mindful”.
Since 2007-10, the clinic has recorded 67 adults and seven children with both HIV and TB cases.
The children with HIV status recorded since 2007-11 was 63 while adults were 888 cases.
Total of adults living on antiretroviral drugs were 283, defaulters 88, died 97 and transferred were 54 to other centres.
Paediatrics living on ARV drugs was 26, defaulters eight, died 12, and one transferred out.