70 in mini-soccer challenge in ESP

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By GYNNIE KERO DWU journalism student

SEVENTY teams have been registered to compete in a mini-soccer tournament held at the Saksak compound in Wewak, East Sepik province, every year.
The event is held during the Christmas and New Year period starts this week.
This year’s tournament has seen an increase in the number of teams competing compared to previous years.
This shows that more people were interested in playing soccer and participating in other sports.
Saksak compound councillor and organiser Peter Yapi said 70 teams had registered for the event.
Yapi said the whole Wewak Urban LLG was involved with teams from as far as Wariman, Kreer Heights and Boram.  
He added that with the high number of teams, the challenge could run for three weeks because there was only one field to play.
He also said the challenge had grown over the years and was concerned about the lack of support from the provincial administrations and business houses in the province.
Yapi said he had been depending on the teams’ registration fees to organise the tournament until a generous sponsor stepped in last year to support the event for the next four years.
He also thanked those who assisted over the years and hoped that others would see the youths’ interests in soccer or any other sports and support in future.