74 candidates nominated for Bougainville elections

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SEVENTY-four candidates have been nominated for the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) general election since writs were issued last Friday.
Five hopefuls are contesting the president’s seat and a few more are expected to be nominated before the close of nominations tomorrow.
Incumbent President James Tanis was nominated to defend his seat last Friday.
On Saturday, the first woman candidate Magdalene Toroansi was nominated and former governor John Momis and Martin Miriori were both nominated on Monday.
For the constituency seats, three candidates have already been nominated for the Terra seat in Wakunai.
They are the incumbent MP Leo Reivasi, Justin Kungkam and former kiap (patrol officer) Jacob Rerevate.
No names have been received from other Central Bougainville seats.
In the Southern region, three nominations were registered for the Kopii seat in Siwai, one for the Ramu and five for Motuna Huyono.
Fifty-six people were nominated for seats in the Northern Region.
Among them are three for the women seat and two for the ex-combatants seat.
The two candidates nominated for the ex-combatants seats are Franco Hoppin and incumbent Marcellin G. Laris.
For the Suir seat, at least five hopefuls will battle for the ballots and another five for the Selau seat.
Three people have been nominated for the Atolls seat, five for Peit, 10 for Haku, four for Halia, two for Tonsu, three for Tsitalato, five for Hagogohe, three for Taunita-Tinputz and two for Taunita-Teop.
Meanwhile, only one nomination was received for the Bolave seat in Bana district from a candidate who was nominated at the Electoral Commission office in Lae.