75th anniversary of Kokoda campaign receives K10,000


Eda Ranu is helping sponsor the 75th anniversary of the Kokoda  campaign during  WWII.
Acting chief executive Dr Fifaia  Matainaho presented a cheque for K10,000, 200 T-shirts and caps to the Kokoda track steering committee in support of the  anniversary.
Matainaho said Eda Ranu had a long history with the Koiari people along the Kokoda Track who were landowners of the Rouna Dams that supplied water to the city.
“Over the years we have supported and worked with the people from Koiari in sports, community and other aspects of life,” he said.
“We will continue to support them.” Kokoda track steering committee chairman Mathias Jale thanked Eda Ranu for the support over the years.
“This is more than we expected and we are so thankful,” Jale said.

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