77,000 to get polio vaccine

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NEARLY 77,000 children in Enga will receive polio vaccination, according to provincial administrator Dr Samson Amean.
A child was recently diagnosed with polio in Porgera. Health workers are carrying vaccinationS to prevent the outbreak.
Amean is confident polio will be eradicated in Enga. He attended the launching of the polio campaign in Wabag town on Tuesday.
“I want the people in the province to set aside their differences and put the welfare of the children first,” he said. “I also praised Health Secretary Dr Pascoe Kase for rolling out this campaign.”
He acknowledged the leadership of Governor Sir Peter Ipatas.
“Polio is a minor issue here in Enga if only we spread the information and focus on our responsibilities,” Amean said.
Amean, a doctor for more than 10 years, said the immunisation campaign was a priority.
He said with the support of Government, Unicef and the World Health Organisation, he was confident polio would be eradicated.
Kase assured the people that resources were available to address the polio outbreak in Enga and the rest of the country.
He said cooperation and teamwork would make a lot of difference in the fight against polio.

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