9 New Year babies delivered in Goroka

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The National – Monday, January 3, 2011


GOROKA Base General Hospital, Eastern Highlands, has delivered a total of nine babies on the New Year’s day.

Staff at the labour ward confirmed nine babies were born to mothers from different parts of the province

The heaviest was a baby girl that weighed 3.9kg and was born to a young mother Gahame Tatape from upper Bena in Unggai-Bena district, Eastern Highlands.

She was delivered at around 8.30pm on Saturday. No complications were encountered for the nine babies, however the staffer did not disclose how many baby boys and girls were born.

The first baby to be delivered after the clock struck midnight was to mother Kokoe Moxy of Arufa village on an eastern outskirts village of Goroka towards upper Bena. 

Moxy delivered a baby boy weighing 3.3kg at 2.40am.

When The National was at the labour ward in the morning on the New Year’s day, staff at the ward were waiting for a long time before delivering the next baby after delivering the first one at 2.40 am.

It is understood a good number of New Year babies were born in some of the rural health centres in the eight districts in the province.

Numerous attempts to confirm the number of New Year babies at Kundiawa General Hospital, Chimbu,  were unsuccessful.