A ‘poor’ record: Philemon

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LAE MP and deputy Opposition leader Bart Philemon argues that the National Alliance-led Government has been in power for seven years with the nation’s most lucrative revenue in-flow, however, the rate of development does not show that.
The total revenue in the past seven years was K40.2 billion, which is 40% of the total K110.1 billion spent on an average of K6 billion each year.
Mr Philemon told University of Technology students during their orientation programme at the Duncanson Hall yesterday that despite “some K14 million going direct to the districts, the returns are minimal”.
“All I’m saying is that power can give liberty to anyone but responsibility on public resources is what leaves a lasting, beneficial legacy for us all.”
He defended the many citizens who believed that PNG’s resources had been squandered or exploited, without maximising returns in basic services and improved living standards to the majority of the households.
From statistics, he said 5,651 people, most of whom were perpetrators, were making a living through robbery, stealing and fraud.
 “They have a case when you consider the unanswered controversial issues ranging from the Motigate affair, the Taiwan dollar-diplomacy scandal, the Singapore forest levy issue, the on-off Finance inquiry and numerous concerns by the Public Accounts Committee, Ombudsman Commission and Public Prosecutor,” Mr Philemon said.
“Investors are threatened of doing business as Transparency International has highlighted an unwelcome high corruption rating.”
He said the New Generation Party and its faithful coalition partners had been trying and would keep trying to keep the Government accountable.
“I am determined to maintain this fight, because it is my duty to do so,” Mr Philemon said.