A blessing for an unemployed father

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Telco company bemobile eases school fee burden for many with Back to School competition, writes STELLA BITA

JOHN Posou was among others helping to put out a house on fire along Kanage street when he received a call of hope and motivation.
John, 37, from Sapeape village in Gulf province, was among the last lot of 160 winners in the bemobile back-to-school competition.
The competition, run by the Telco company from Jan 11 to Feb 28, gave away a cash prize of K500 in school fee assistance.
This single father of four (three boys and a girl) was helping neighbours to quell flames that were burning down a house last Monday when he got a call from a bemobile staff member.
The phone call was indeed good tidings; easing his financial misery with regards to school fees and food for his children. Things that had caused him a great deal of anxiety over the past few months.
He said he was puzzled seeing the landline number that appeared on his phone screen. He hesitantly answered the phone, only to hear a female voice on the other end congratulating him for winning K500 in the bemobile back-to-school promotion.
“Prior to receiving the call, I was in total chaos. I did not know where I was going to get money to pay for my children’s school fees and address other family-related issues for that matter,” Mr Posou said.
“All I could manage was a scanty thankyou as tears of joy kept falling from my eyes. I could not believe my ears. I am crying because I am so overjoyed. I kept saying, thank you bemobile,” he said full of emotion.
“Life is hard living in Port Moresby and after this win I know I will find a better footing to make things better for my two children. My other two boys are with their mum in Mailu so they are probably okay.”
On Tuesday, a smiling John Posou and his daughter Lillian walked into the bemobile headquarters to collect his cash prize. His son, a Grade 3 student at Ted Diro Primary School was in school due to prior arrangements made by John to pay his fees before the end of term.
“Mi skul long Eki Vaki na mi hamamas bai mi go skul long wanem Daddy bilong mi winim mani. Tenk yu bemobile(I attend Eki Vaki Primary and I am delighted that I will now be able to go to school as my father has won some money. Thank you bemobile),” Lillian said.
Mr Posou is among many who have appreciated the benefits of winning in the back-to-school promotion, an eight-week competition that was carried out by bemobile.
The promotion has given 1,000 people, ranging from children to students, parents and people from all walks of life, the opportunity to win 500 kina to help cover back to school expenses in a total of 8 weeks.
It was a promotion made by bemobile after detecting hardships faced by many Papua New Guineans with school fees and school related expenses given the current high cost of living.
Mr Posou also said the bemobile call rates were lower and the new K3 promotion was rewarding.
He received his free K3 credits last week and was very happy and emphasised that all the promotions made by bemobile are very beneficial and helps those who are really in need.
“I am an example,” he said.