A changed son returns

Highlands, Normal


JEREMIAH Dona was put in jail by his father Paul because he constantly drank homebrew, smoked marijuana and was violent.
Those bad habits prompted the father to turn his son over to the law early this year, and 16-year-old Jeremiah was convicted and jailed for six months with hard labour.
The Minj District Court jailed him for drinking homebrew, smoking marijuana, and stealing.
He served his time at the Baisu jail outside Mt Hagen in Western Highlands province.
While in prison, Jeremiah repented and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ with the help of care groups.
In his return to Gusap village last Sunday after being released from prison, he was welcomed with open arms by his parents and family members in a moving ceremony.
Mr Dona and his wife Doris shed tears of joy in welcoming their son back.
The happy parents thanked Cpl Giruwa Wagula and wife Doris and care groups for contributing in changing their son’s life.
Mr Dona said he did his very best to stop his son from taking drugs and drinking homebrews and had to hand him over to the law.
Jeremiah’s parents are subsistence farmers and had no other way of earning an income except on garden food and a plot of coffee trees.
Jeremiah is their only son and left school when he was only nine but his father plans to put him back to school. Gusap community leader John Kosam thanked Baisu prison care groups for a job well done.