A cowardly act, says OC

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THE Ombudsman Commission has condemned last Friday’s attack on Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek, describing it as a violent and cowardly act.
The commission also has asked that the privacy of Mr Manek be respected as he recovers at his home in Korobosea.
“There is no place for such a behaviour in a democratic, transparent and accountable Government in a country such as Papua New Guinea,” the Ombudsman Commission said in a statement released yesterday.
Mr Manek was followed home after attending an official function at about 10pm last Friday, and as he was pulling into his gate was confronted and shot at twice with the first attempt hitting his left arm close to the shoulders while the other was deflected off the car.
He drove himself to the hospital and was treated.
The commission said Mr Manek had suffered heavy loss of blood besides suffering from a traumatic experience and was currently on medication and on-going review.
His situation is stable.
The commission said it was not sure of the motive behind the attack and had requested all staff of the commission to take precautions as the possibility that the attack was “job-related due to sensitivity of the work carried out by the Ombudsman Commission” could not be ruled out.
An investigation into the incident by police is underway.
The commission called on the public to come forward with information on the matter.
“We will continue to discharge our mandated functions without fear or favour for the good of the people of PNG.
“It is a difficult time for the Ombudsman Commission and we ask that all citizens keep Mr Manek and his family in your prayers and we all wish him a speedy recovery.”