A firm believer in hard work

Governor Powes Parkop opening the guest house in the company of the owner Phillp Nanga (left) and other guests.

PHILLIP Nanga, 49 of Kopen Village in Wabag, Enga is a strong man who believes that we can do everything through God.
He went as far as Grade 10 in formal education but by the grace of God, he was able to get a job like any other person.
He worked with UMW Niugini for some time then joined Oil Search Ltd and worked in the company’s oil fields in Kutubu for over six years.
He then joined Morobe Mining and worked for another six years before leaving to start his own business.
Despite being told by his bosess that they were going to give him promotions, he decided to quit saying, “I want to become a boss of my own.”
Nanga moved to Port Moresby in 2011.
He has been living in the city for almost eight years now.
He has used his retirement money to start his own business.
He started off with Topos Fast Food then expanded to Topos Hire Cars.
He then bought a piece of land at Baruni from the Dabunari Incorporated Land Group for K60,000 and built his first Guest house (Topos Guest House) which has 36 rooms.
“I took the risk to do business in that notorious area, a no-go zone, an area where criminal activities were on the rise.
“I physically disciplined men there and the place has turned out to be safe for everybody.”
Topos Guest House was officially opened by National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop on Oct 15, 2015.
“Governor Parkop said during the opening that he would open economic corridors to help us, where he built a four lane road and we have taxis moving around, we have vehicles passing by, and I see customers every day,” Nanga said during the opening of his second guest house recently.
“I see about five to 10 customers every day at the lodge.
“I have 16 workers here including security guards, drivers, cleaners and office workers.
Nanga said because of the remote setting, the rates there were lower than other similar settings. You pay K50 for a day transit and K70 overnight.
His second guest house, located in Waigani, was opened by Governor Parkop on Saturday, Aug 28, 2021.
The K1.6 million facility consists of18 self-contained rooms and nine standard rooms.
The current rates are K250 for the self-contained rooms and K100 for standard rooms.
He aims to help middle and low income earners.
“Other real estate companies’ rates are very high where you pay K300 to K400 for rooms. I am doing this so that they can lower their rates.
“I would like to acknowledge God; through God we can do anything, without him we are nothing,” he said.
Governor Parkop congratulated Nanga and his wife Nancy for another milestone achieved.

“ I took the risk to do business in that notorious area, a no-go zone, an area where criminal activities were on the rise. I physically disciplined men there and the place has turned out to be safe for everybody.”
Topos Guest House at Waigani which was officially opened by NCD Governor Powes Parkop on Saturday, Aug 28. – Nationalpics by JOEL HAMARI

He said though he never helped them with funding, they were strong enough to build their second guest house all by themselves.
“I think not assisting them with funding is a right strategy,” he said.
He said many a times when government gives money to people to help grow their businesses, people don’t value such support.
“They think that its free money and they take it for granted and abuse it. Our record in PNG is littered with this type of failures.”
He reminded those gathered for the opening ceremony that in the 46 years of our journey, PNG has been successful in professions.
“We have accountants, lawyers, medical doctors, pilots, engineers, draftsmen, surveyors, nurse, etc. PNG can be proud and hold our heads high, but in terms of business, we have a very bad record.
“Not to say the government has not budgeted money for business; government has been putting money all this time, you go back to the Somare, Chan or Wingti governments. They have been putting money all this time.
“The O’Neill government also did the same where they put K200-K300 million into the National Development Bank but nothing good has happened.”
He said James Marape has also committed K200 million every year for business and it up to us to take this opportunity to do well.
“The success strategy is very clear now. If you work hard, put your time, energy, effort and resources into your goal, you will achieve it, with the blessing of God.”
“I congratulate Phillip and Nancy once again. I am happy to be with you to support and witness your blessing,” he said.
Pastor Saki who dedicated the guest house encouraged the couple saying everything came with God.
“In God’s principle, we dedicate things to God and then we open for service.”
He said dedications mean three things; it is of God, by God and for God.
“When we dedicate to God, it means it’s of God, where God is the source.”
He encouraged everyone with scripture in Proverbs 11: 10-11 – “When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices; and when the wicked perish, there is jubilation. By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted, but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.”

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