A letdown by Electoral Commission

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, June 23, 2011

ELECTING an MP is a subject that needs greater awareness from the Electoral Commission.
Since Independence, most electorates in PNG have been victims of choosing people who do not possess leadership attributes.
Do we blame them for electing representatives, who upon entering Parliament, forget about their fundamental duties and responsibilities?
Or is the Electoral Commission to be blamed for doing very little to educate voters on how to choose a leader?
Over the years, no go­vernment, past or present, allowed the Electoral Com­mission to carry out nationwide awareness on how to choose a good leader and who to look for among the candidates.
With the next election around the corner, it is obvious the Electoral Commission is focused on the issuance and return of writs.
How the election is conducted is centred on the country’s security forces who, in the past, did not show impartiality and used excessive force to suppress the people’s rights and even marking ballot papers for selected candidates.
Overall, it appears the Electoral Commission lack­ed foresight, creativity and leadership to correct the trend.
It is a pity it did little in the last four years to prepare voters.
It is likely trend will continue.
And there is no question we will continue to see self-centred leaders being returned.
However, there is a glimmer of hope among some people that the security forces will run the election fairly.
I hope God speaks to each individual police, soldier and correctional service officer to put the interest of the country before anything else.


Sprox Walker
Port Moresby