A letdown by MPs and government

Letters, Normal

The National- Thursday, February 10, 2011

 I REFER to your report “Politicians and leaders from Tari condemn violence in city” (Jan 31).

I wonder whether our leaders know why youths are making a beeline to the nation’s capital and other urban areas.

The main reason they are moving to the urban areas is because there is nothing back in the villages for them to look forward to.

There are no basic services or job opportunities.

Even if they are involved in agricultural activities, they are unable to sell their produce in the urban areas because there is no road network.

The government and MPs have let them down by not providing them with basic infrastructure like roads.

As a result, many migrate into the urban areas in search of better living.

Unfortunately, many of them are unable to get a job, even as a cleaner.

In order to survive, many are forced into crime. 

It is almost four years since the last general election and we are still waiting for MPs to deliver basic services.

With one year left before the next general election, it is unlikely that many MPs will honour their election promises.



Jnr Samuel O. Yawai