A man is dead after he was stoned on the head

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A 20-year-old man died after being hit with a stone in a brawl in Awaima village, Milne Bay, on New Year’s Day.
The man from West Fergusson Island was drinking with his two brothers-in-law when a fight broke out among themselves.
Provincial police commander Sr Insp
Lincoln Gerari said yesterday that the man
was believed to have used a knife and slashed one of his, in-laws in the leg.
“The in-laws retaliated by throwing a stone that hit the man’s head.
The man was rushed to the Alotau General Hospital but died before arrival,” Sr Insp Gerari said.
Police have arrested both the in-laws who will be appearing in the district court soon.
Sr Insp Gerari said the murder was the only major incident in the festive period.
On another matter, police are trying to confirm reports of a crocodile attack and murder cases in the Gulf over the weekend.
Western provincial police commander and chairman of the provincial liquor commission board, Chief Insp Peter Philip said due to outbreaks of liquor-related violence and abuse of liquor sale licence, “the ban on sale has been extended”.
Chief Insp Philip said those exempted from the ban included hotels, taverns, clubs entertainment centres and restaurants.
“They can serve liquor during regulated hours and take-away are not allowed,” he said.